Entrance to the Trakl Museum on Waagplatz.

The Waagplatz is a square in the Medieval city centre of Salzburg. It can be found at the end of Judengasse and is connected to the Mozartplatz square, the one square in Salzburg that no international visitor misses. The Waagplatz was known as a hay market (and appropriately called Heumarkt) in the Middle Ages. After 1430, the square was increasingly used as a bread market.

Waagplatz means "balance square" and this is due to the fact that in the Middle Ages, when the old town was packed with street markets, the "official" and public city balance for weighing agricultural and other tradable goods was located here. More specifically, in the house at Waagplatz 3. This was the oldest court building of Salzburg, prior to 1328. The current building, however, was built in the 17th century.

Attractions of Interest at Waagplatz

The Waagplatz is interesting as an ensemble, but there are also a couple of houses that deserve individual attention. Note for example the building at Waagplatz 1. It is another historic courthouse of Salzburg and was home to the state′s jurisdiction between 1328 and 1407.

During this time, executions took place in front of the house. Around 1500, an inn moved into the building. In 1635, the building burnt down and was altered strongly. In 1928, Karl Reisenbichler added the monumental painting "Aussaat und Ernte" on the front fašade, the most recognisable feature of the building.

Note also the Schafferhaus at Waagplatz 1a and 2. It is a beautiful example for a 16th century burgher house with arcades on three levels at the central courtyard (you have to enter in order to see it). The expressionist poet Georg Trakl was born here as the youngest of 13 children in 1887. There is a small museum, memorial site and an archive dealing with Trakl and his work. We warmly recommend Trakl′s poetry, even though translations into English are difficult to get (according to an e-mail by one reader of Visit-Salzburg.net).

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