Papageno Square & Pfeiffergasse

The Papagenobrunnen can be found in a nice little square in Salzburg.

If you are coming from the Residenzplatz, go across the Mozartplatz and keep on going, you will come to a little alley called "Pfeiffergasse". After another 50 metres you will come to a charming little square, the "Papagenoplatz".

Papageno is the bird catcher from Mozart′s opera "The Magic Flute", he is the main character of the opening scene: "Als Vogelfänger bin ich bekanntů" The cheerful chap can be visited on the Papageno Square: a bronze statue in the centre was erected here in 1960, made by the artist Hilde Heger. It somewhat echoes the "Papagena" by the orangerie of Mirabell Castle.

The University of Salzburg′s humanities faculty is right around the corner, which is echoed by a high number of nice pubs around Pfeiffergasse. This might be a good spot to start looking for a "Schanigarten" beer garden, a very Austrian extension of pubs and bars to the pavement area or street.

Hidden Treasures of Salzburg

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