Blumenstein Palace - Schloss Blumenstein

The Baroque Schloss Blumenstein Palace.

Schloss Blumenstein Castle is a long building with three floors and was built by the Salzburg city council member and merchant Hans Kellenberger in 1635. A later owner, Count von Kuenburg, ordered new interiors for the castle in 1741. In 1890, Schloss Blumenstein Palace was extended and got neo-Gothic towers and decorations.

Renovations that were performed in 1956 re-created the appearance of the fašade and roof in the original conditions. In the second floor a coat of arms was discovered; they showed a combination of the coats of Kuenburg and Rollingen.

The castle sits on a hill Northeast of the city, but is rather hidden. You get there by walking around the Kapuzinerberg beyond the Steingasse and Schloss Arenberg. It is private property and not open to the public, even though there is a shop for Tracht in the ground floor. Note also nearby Schloss Elsenheim.

Hidden Treasures of Salzburg


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