Petersbrunnhof (Schauspielhaus Salzburg)

The Petersbrunnhof is a manor in the Nonntal district of Salzburg, just south of the historic Old Town (Altstadt). It is home to a "Kulturzentrum", a facility for theatre, concerts and discussions. Originally, the Petersbrunnhof was built as a leisure palace (Lustschloss), sort of a mini-version of Hellbrunn, including popular trick fountains and extensive gardens. This first building dates back to 1625 and was called Schloss Welsbergerhof.

The Welsbergerhof was bought by the monastery of Stift St. Peter in 1636 and enlarged and modernised until 1642. The trick fountains of the Welsbergerhof were almost as extensive as those of Hellbrunn - note the rivalry between the Abbot of St. Peter and the Prince Archbishop, who owned Hellbrunn. The construction of the first set of trick fountains, however, pre-dates the time when St. Peter became owner of the Welsbergerhof, some historians believe they were already in place around 1500.

Decay & Resurrection of the Petersbrunnhof as Theatre

In any case, the Petersbrunnhof, its gardens and trick fountains decayed gradually over the course of the 18th century. The property changed tenants a few times. After devastating floods in 1786, the Petersbrunnhof was equipped with some side-buildings directly next to the main manor until 1794. At this time, the Petersbrunnhof was the centre of an agricultural company and anything but a leisure castle - and continued to serve for this purpose after Salzburg′s secularisation in the 19th century. In 1896, the building was extended.

The 18th century administrative building burnt down in 1968, but was rebuilt. By then, only the outer walls and one section of vaults with marble pillars was left of the original Manierist Petersbrunnhof. The city of Salzburg bought the property from Stift St. Peter in 1984. The property was transformed into a theatre, the so-called Elisabethbühne.

Today, the Elisabethbühne has been transformed into the so-called Schauspielhaus Salzburg, a small and somewhat innovative theatre. It is still located at the Petersbrunnhof; in addition, you will find small cultural events held here as well as the rehearsal facilities of the Mozarteum Orchester in the nearby Orchesterhaus.

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