Salzburg for Individualists:
Off-The-Beaten-Track Attractions

The Trakl Museum is clearly a sight for specialists and hardly noticed by international tourists.

You are staying in Salzburg for a longer time? Maybe as an exchange student for a term, as an expat that works there or just because you like the place? Then you might want to go beyond the attractions that appeal to tourists and explore the city genuinely "off the beaten track".

The following articles aim to complete the image of Salzburg with topics that will appeal only to a small fragment of the city's international visitors. However, we wanted to complete the site with some traces of the real and contemporary Salzburg. Note that some of the described attractions might require you to speak some German to fully enjoy them.

Individualist Salzburg

DAS Kino

Literaturhaus Salzburg



Salzburg Prostitution: The oldest brothel in town

Summer-sports: Sitting by the River

Arty hang-out: ARGE Kultur

Getting married in Salzburg

Rockhouse Schallmoos

Sport Venues


Salzburg for Individualists


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