DAS Kino: Cinema Delights in Salzburg

Salzburg well deserves its conservative image, but there are alternatives to Classical music and tourism kitsch. Don′t forget that Salzburg is also a university town that is home to some 20,000 students and as a city with a population of 150,000, it has to cater to the interests of a critical and independent audience, too. One such critical and independent institution is the DAS Kino ("THE Cinema"), which often calls itself a "Filmtheater" (movie theatre - in this context, the term is not used in German; it emphasises the non-consumerist, intellectual approach to movies).

Like many of the critical, independent things, the origins of DAS Kino go back to the late 1970ies (compare, for example, with the ARGE Kultur). DAS Kino was opened in 1978 and from the beginning, it showed off-mainstream movies, often festival movies that were independently made. Unlike most cinemas in Austria, the DAS Kino shows most movies in the original language with subtitles instead of dubbed versions. Today, the DAS Kino is also locally known for movie festivals for topics such as mountaineering, Latin America or Asian movies.

Program & Focus of DAS Kino Salzburg

The DAS Kino has a refreshingly arty atmosphere without being too revolutionary (it is still in Salzburg after all). The cinema′s program is published alongside with the program of theatres, once again a statement against mainstream movies and for cultural institutions. In addition to movies, DAS Kino also has concerts, readings and talks often, but not always, concerning cinematic topics.

DAS Kino also tries to promote national or even local movies - even though the art movie scene in Austria is not very pronounced. You will find the DAS Kino in the old town of Salzburg, on the side of the Mirabell Castle (just cross Staatsbrücke, enter Linzergasse and turn right at the Platzl - 30 metres down Steingasse and you are there). Enjoy the international atmosphere which no other cinema in Salzburg rivals!

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