The Jazzit is a Jazz club and cultural venue in the district Elisabeth-Vorstadt. It is situated in the former headquarter of the Salzburg Communist party. This is no co-incidence: Elisabeth-Vorstadt was a tiny stronghold of both Communists and Socialists in Salzburg. When they finally figured that the revolution was off the agenda in the 1990ies, the Austrian Communists soon faced the threat of bankruptcy.

A new use for the building was needed - and found when the owner of a local brewery agreed to subsidise a Jazz Club. Since the 1980ies, the building had hosted various institutions, most importantly the Elisabethbühne, an experimental theatre that later developed into today′s Schauspielhaus Salzburg. But the Elisabethbühne moved to the Petersbrunnhof in 1996.

The new and current Jazzit was opened in 2002 and offers a wide range of musical styles that have their roots in Jazz, but not necessarily Jazz only. There is electronic music, experimental music, free Jazz. The Jazzit was an instant success with some 80,000 visitors in the first five years alone. The "Dienstag-Session" (Tuesday Sessions) are free of charge and particularly popular.

The Jazzit is a member of the "Dachverband Salzburger Kulturstätten", a framework or platform for cultural venues off the mainstream. A series of CDs had been produced and published since the start of the Jazzit. The Jazzit is a refreshing change from high-end and mainstream commercialist culture in Salzburg; one of the few places where you get genuine culture of the contemporary kind.

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