Salzburg Webcam: Live Images from Austrian Webcams

In recent years, there were several websites that have started to provide a Salzburg webcam or a list with Salzburg webcams. Unfortunately, most of them are outdated and incomplete; this is why we have decided to come up with our own list with references to every good Salzburg webcam that we know.

Salzburg Webcam References

Salzburg Webcam overlooking the Altstadt     Salzburg Webcam showing the Mozart birthplace provides a selection of excellent Salzburg webcams from both the Salzburg city and Salzburg province. There are plenty of webcams available through this site that show other places in all of Austria. Our favourite webcam from is the "Mozart Panorama". has an extensive collection of Salzburg webcams (among other ones from all over the world). Highlights include one on the Mozartplatz Square. has one of the fanciest webcam-arrays we know. Sadly, most webcams show only Salzburg airport itself and its surroundings, but it is still worth seeing. For a look deep into the south of the Salzburgerland province, namely Obertauern, look at this webcam in the Salzburg Alps. The natural science faculty of the University of Salzburg is located south of the city centre and offers a webcam that looks towards the Salzburg Castle - this is only one of several webcams presented on the website of the local newspaper, the Salzburger Nachrichten.

Advantages of a Salzburg Webcam

A Salzburg webcam shows you live images from the city and its surroundings; this way, you can learn on the current weather situation. Therefore, a Salzburg webcam is particularly useful towards the end of the season and in spring, when the weather can change quickly and even snow might be expected.

For a general impression on what Salzburg is like, a webcam is not the best solution - at least in our opinion. Webcams are often badly placed and the image quality can be rather poor. Therefore, we focus on Salzburg webcams that we think have managed to get around these obstacles pretty well. However, for a general impression on what Salzburg is like, we recommend our Salzburg photo gallery rather than any particular webcam. Note also our artilce on Salzburg weather.

By the way, the world′s first webcam was developed in Cambridge, UK, as a joke: A computer scientist wanted to know if there was still coffee left in the machine without being forced to get up from his chair. Therefore, he set up a little camera so that he could do this from his computer screen. Today, webcams are a common feature on many tourism websites.



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