Webcam Zell am See - Kaprun

Zell am See and Kaprun Ski Webcam

There are several webcam services available that specialise on snow reports and live images from skiing areas in Austria. Several of them operate webcams in the ski ressorts of Salzburg, of which Zell am See and Kaprun are among the most important. This article highlights some "snow cams" from Zell am See and its immediate surroundings as well as from Kaprun that we found particularly useful.

Webcams in & near Zell am See / Kaprun

Zell am See/Kaprun: More than 10 webcams listed - simple layout, good array of cams, spread out between both Zell am See and Kaprun, not only the towns, but also the surroundings - almost perfect (the page only lacks thumbnails, but otherwise, it is great for getting an overview).

Kitzsteinhorn Web Cam: The Kitzsteinhorn is a mountain near Kaprun and Zell am See, it is home to one of Austria's most popular skiing areas. Note that the Kitzsteinhorn is a very high mountain, if the webcam shows good snow there, it is no guarantee that the situation will be like this at lower altitudes.

Zell am See Airport: Yes, Zell am See has an airport - but only a little one for private aircrafts. This tiny airport runs a nice webcam that is updated every minute and gives you a good idea what the snow and weather is like at the valley. The website itself is in German, though.

Schmittenhöhe & Zell am See: Nice Array of webcams from Zell am See and surroundings with a focus on the Schmittenhöhe mountain. Does not operate webcams themselves, but they are nicely put together.

Zell am See / Kaprun: Webcam at the Schmittenhöhe mountain with its famous glacial skiing area - snow is guaranteed all year round (even in summer), but how much? Here you can see it. The "classic" web cam for the region. Provided by Bergfex, a mountain travel website.



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