Salzburg Weather: Climate in Austria

The weather in Salzburg is famously bad - in fact, the so-called "Salzburger Schnürlregen" or "rain in strings" has entered the German language to become something like a proverb, an expression similar to the English "it′s raining cats and dogs". In fact, Salzburg weather is not all that bad: Much of the climate can be explained by the geographic location of Salzburg. The city is situated on the northern edge of the Alps, at the outskirts of the Northern Calciferous Alps.

Click for Salzburg Flughafen, Austria Forecast Masses of moist air coming from central Europe get stuck in the mountains during the summer months, pouring down over Salzburg and its surroundings. However, this is not as bad as it might sound: In fact, this rain often comes down in refreshing thunderstorms in the late afternoons during the summer.

In this case, this is far from the stereotypical Schnürlregen Salzburg weather and rather welcomed when it is hot and muggy. For a current weather report on Salzburg, please see the image to the left - it gives the situation at Salzburg Airport.

Facts & Figures on the Weather in Salzburg

But let′s have a look at the basic facts: The climate of Western Austria is temperate and continental with a surprisingly strong role that the oceanic climate has on the daily weather situation. The annual average rainfall was 1184 millimetres per year in the past four decades. In the quite likely case that you are not familiar with rainfall charts from around the world: This is quite a lot, about 50 percent higher than London or Vienna. But don′t panic, the weather is not the main reason for coming to Salzburg anyway!

The rainiest months in Salzburg are June, July and August. During January, February and March, it might be very cold, but the weather is significantly better - no other months come with less rainfall than these. For those of our readers who now plan to spend their vacation elsewhere: Relax! There are plenty of things to do and see in Salzburg if the weather happens to be bad. Besides, Salzburg clothing such as the traditional Tracht is famous for being warm and cosy. An Austrian proverb that goes well with the weather in Salzburg says that there is no bad weather - only inappropriate clothing!

For further information on average temperatures and rainy days per month over the course of the year, please see the table below. For current weather reports for Salzburg, please see the buttons below and the links with recommended websites.

Salzburg Weather: Average Conditions, past 40 years

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
day (C) 2.3 5 9.5 14.1 18.1 21.1 23.8 23.2 20.1 15 8 3.1
night (C) -5 -3.5 -0.1 3.7 7.7 11 12.8 12.8 9.9 5 0.3 -3.7
day (F) 36.1 40 49.1 57.3 66 71.2 74.8 73.7 68.1 59 46.4 37.5
night (F) 23 25.7 31.8 38.6 45.8 51.7 55 55 49.7 41 32.5 25.3
rainy days 16 14 15 16 16 19 17 17 13 12 14 16


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