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Flachau Ski Webcam

There are several webcam services available that specialise on snow reports and live images from skiing areas in Austria. Several of them operate webcams in the ski ressorts of Salzburg, of which Flachau is among the most important. This article highlights some "snow cams" from Flachau and its immediate surroundings that we found particularly useful.

Webcams in & near Flachau

Flachau Webcam on Slopes: The tourist information council of Flachau provides thi webcam, which shows the slopes of the town. Well-done and high resolution image.

Flachau & Surroundings: Bergfex is an Austrian company that specialises on travel information related to the Alps. This page gives an overview on webcams from Flachau and the immediate surroundings. Webcams for neighbouring skiing areas are available, too.

Various Webcams from Flachau: Feratel is a tourism media company that offers and maintains web cameras in various locations in Austria; from the page linked here, you get to the cams for Flachau. In addition, there is some interesting and concise English information on Flachau added to the webcam image. A page that is well worth noting.

Ski Webcam for Flachau: The skiing region of Flachau-Zauchensee is a member in the Ski Amade region, an association of skiing regions in and near Salzburg that provides this webcam. Obviously, it shows slopes of Flachau.

Town Centre Flachau: A webcam that shows the town of Flachau - ideal for checking the weather conditions in the valley, which might differ slightly from the slopes at high altitudes.


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