Eben im Pongau

Eben in Salzburg (Austria).

Eben is a village in the Pongau area of Salzburg province. It has a population of 2,200 and is well-connected with the main traffic lines of the region via an own motorway exit on the Tauernautobahn. This motorway is one of Austria′s most important north-south connections. Economically, Eben benefits from this connection. However, it is mostly known as a ski town.

Eben holds parts of the Salzburger Sportwelt skiing area, which seeded the formation of the Ski Amade association. The latter is now among Europe′s biggest skiing areas and Eben is part of it. The slopes of Eben can be found at altitudes between approximately 860 and 1650 metres. The village of Eben officially has some 1600 beds to let; given that many hotels downplay that number for tax reasons, we think it is fair to assume that the number of guests including day-visitors will exceed the population during the skiing season.

Eben′s hotels have overcapacities during the summer season, when the village promotes hiking, mountain biking and other Alpine winter sports. Historically, Eben is the result of a fusion of three older communities which now form hamlets or areas of the village. They were combined only in 1939. Until 1912, the main village of Eben was called Taxen.

In terms of sightseeing, Eben has little to nothing to offer; the village itself has nice corners and the obligatory parish church, but for real sights you have to drive to other places. The tourist information board of Eben points out that even the city of Salzburg is within easy reach. We would add "relatively".

Another local speciality of which we learned via the tourist information board: Eben has a strong tradition in folk-culture and embroildery using pinfeathers (do we use this word correctly? We mean the chitine tip of a feather). Best enjoyed in the Tauernstraßenmuseum, a museum dedicated to local culture and history that can be found in the surroundings of Eben.

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