Bramberg am Wildkogel

Bramberg in Salzburg (Austria).

Bramberg is a village in the Pinzgau area of Salzburg. It is situated at mount Wildkogel, as usually indicated with the name. Bramberg has a population of 4,000 residents and can be found in a distance of some 35 kilometres to the county town Zell am See. Just like many other towns of the Pinzgau, Bramberg has a long history in mining. There were important copper ore mines in the surroundings of the village ever since antiquity; between 1829 and 1863, copper mining was done once again with an industrial approach.

Later attempts to start copper mining again in the 20th century failed for economic reasons and were finally diminished by the establishment of the National Park Hohe Tauern in the 1990ies. The Habachtal valley not far from Bramberg is also famous for its rich deposits of emerald. This valley is one of only three places in Europe, where emerald can be found (the other two being in Norway and Italy).

Hiking & Skiing in & around Bramberg

Today, you might still see hikers or tourists with washing pans trying to find chunks of emerald - even though chances are close to zero to find anything that goes beyond sentimental value. If you want to learn more about local history or the mining business of the area, pay a visit to the town museum (Heimatmuseum) of Bramberg.

Bramberg is also a winter sport destination. It is not among the seriously busy ski resorts of the Pinzgau, but the nearby Wildkogel is a nice skiing area suitable for families. Neukirchen am Großvenediger might be a better entrance point to the Wildkogel skiing area, though. Note that Bramberg has a 14 kilometres long tobogganing route that is illuminated after dusk.

During the summer season, the Wildkogel makes an attractive hiking destination - its summit is 2225 metres high, Bramberg can be found at an altitude of approximately 820 metres. Other Alpine hiking destination are within easy reach - the Habachtal is particularly scenic.

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