Restaurant Guide to Salzburg

Thanks to the Salzburg Festival, the city has a vast abundance of high-end restaurants.

Top-Places: Luxury Salzburg Restaurants

St. Peter Keller
In the heart of the Altstadt on the premises of St. Peter′s Abbey, this is one of the most exclusive restaurants of Salzburg. Traditional style food at its best.

Neutorstraße 31 is among the finest places for culinary pleasures. A good place to spot celebrities during the festival, too.

This modern restaurant was opened only in 2003 in the private Hangar-7, the ultra-modern "garage" of Red Bull founder Dieter Mateschitz. Just by the airport.

Restaurant Pfefferschiff
The ultimate dining celebration - however famous, the Pfefferschiff is even further from Salzburg and you will need a car or taxi to get there. Something for hardcore-gourmets who are willing to spend for an exceptional meal. Located in Hallwang.

Classy, tasty, but slightly more affordable

Hotel Bristol
At this palace-like hotel on Markartplatz 4, you will dine decently in a cosmopolitan flair. Not a cheap place, but very central and classy.

Carpe Diem Finest Finger Food
Just at the onset of the Getreidegasse, you will find the stylish yuppie-hangout Carpe Diem. Have posh finger food among Salzburg′s young and beautiful. This place is another restaurant of Red Bull founder Mateschitz, who lives just underneath Hohensalzburg Fortress.

Goldener Hirsch
Just around the corner to the previous one, you will find the all-time favourite restaurant and hotel of the Salzburg Festival guests. More or less facing the festival halls, this place trims Austria′s finest meals to international top-standards.

Good value for money: Restaurants for tourists - & locals

St. Paul Stube
This hidden treasure in the Herrengasse just underneath the Fortress is normally packed with students and locals - it′s limited seating doesn′t help to improve this, so in case you want to enjoy their traditional Austrian specialities, make sure you arrange a reservation.

Andreas Hofer Stube
Another slightly hidden place - this one on the other side of the Salzach, in the Steingasse. Named after the Tyrolian freedom fighter Andreas Hofer, this place offers great local food and local beers for reasonable prices. Popular with students, again, so make sure you call in advance or be prepared for disappointments.

Pizzaria Stella
Sure, you don′t go to Salzburg to have Italian food - but honestly, Stella offers the best pizza and other Italian treats anywhere North of the Alps. It′s not terribly expensive either, whereas it′s mother-restaurant Sternbräu just next doors demands more of a financial sacrifice. Stella is accessible from Hanuschplatz or Getreidegasse, thus, in a very central location.

There are two chains that are popular with young professionals and locals; both specialise on variations of traditional Austrian cuisine. One is called Raschhofer, the other one Weizz. Keep in mind that "chain" in both cases still means that they prepare fresh food.

A separate list gives you some details on traditional coffeehouses of Salzburg.


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