Salzburg with Children: Salzburg City for Kids

Salzburg is rather famous among old people than among children, yet it offers a lot for kids.

Salzburg as a famous city that excites ten thousands of visitors every year - most of them well beyond puberty. The city of Mozart is generally considered to appeal to adults than the little ones. We thought that this reputation is not justified, since Salzburg actually offers a great deal of attractions that are suitable for children. Since we grew up in Salzburg, we remember many exciting moments in this city - here is a selection of sites we recommend for kids.

1.) Salzburg Castle (Festung Hohensalzburg): Show us a child that doesn′t love to see a place where real knights lived! The fortress is the biggest castle in central Europe and the affiliated museum full with all sorts of swords, helmets and other armour.

2.) Haus der Natur (Museum of Natural History): The local museum of natural history has made one editor of the team study biology - don′t miss out on an opportunity to spend a rainy day among dinosaur models, saltwater aquariums and a brand-new "do experiments yourself" section.

3.) Salzburg Museum: Since the town museum of Salzburg re-opened, it lost all the dusty aspects of its appearance. The new and modern exhibition is equipped with a self-guided tour specifically for children. Just ask at the entrance.

4.) Mirabell Gardens and Zwergerlgarten: The first visit of the dwarf garden with Baroque statues of little people left a lasting impression among all members of the editing team of this website - great fun and fascination guaranteed, even though you won′t spend more time there than a few minutes. Entrance free of charge (like everywhere at the Mirabell park).

5.) Museums in general: Many of the museums in Salzburg offer guided tours or special audio tours for children. Some of them even have special children′s programs especially during the summer time. This applies for example to the Museum der Moderne, the Residenzgalerie, the Barockmuseum, Mozart′s living place and the Dommuseum (Cathedral Museum). The Toy Museum (Spielzeugmuseum) is less kids-friendly than the name would make you expect (more for collectors and friends of old toys), but also does tours and events for kids.

6.) Salzburger Freilichtmuseum Großgmain: The open-air museum outside of Salzburg has some real animals and lots of ancient farms from all over the province. Children will also love to see the old village school with authentic interiors. Note the special summer programs of the museum.

7.) Salzburg Zoo: The oldest zoo in the World does not need further promotion - a must-see for kids in Salzburg.

8.) Hellbrunn Trick Fountains: A unique ensemble of Baroque follies with hidden fountains and water games. Genuinely recommendable on sunny days, not only children are guaranteed to get wet - and entertained!

9.) Salzach Cruise: A relatively new attraction of Salzburg that we consider suitable for children are the cruises that are offered from the city centre to Salzburg′s south. A bit pricey, though.

10.) Real culture: The DAS Kino and the Literaturhaus Salzburg have special programs for children - mostly in German, though. The Marionettentheater or Theatre of Marionettes targets primarily adults, but especially the shorter opera productions are well-suitable for children, too.

11.) Sports: Swimming pools can be found in the Paracelsusbad (next to Schloss Mirabell), at the Volksgarten, in Leopoldskron and in the Alpenstraße; an ice rink can be found in the Volksgarten.


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