Salzburg Itinerary for 2 to 3 Days:
The "Standard" Itinerary

What to see in Salzburg: Find it in our itinerary.

Most visitors that come to Salzburg stay over-night, two or three days in the city are perfect for seeing the major attractions as well as a few of the specialist sights. Note our ranking of "must see" sights in Salzburg as well as the article on the "must do" activities. In addition, we suggest you have a look at our directory of Salzburg attractions. It is an alphabetic list in which we try to include all attractions that could appeal to international visitors. You might spot one or two things that would serve your specific interests.

When planning your itinerary, note that Salzburg′s city centre is relatively sharply outlined. The Old Town lies on both sides of the Salzach river. In principle, it can easily be explored by foot - but if you are a walking enthusiast, you might end up running across the narrow lanes, hills and bridges of Salzburg all day long on the first day. In this case, you would possibly end up exhausted on day one. Instead, we recommend scheduling one general walk in the city centre to get a general orientation and feeling for Salzburg on day one.

For day one, have a look at our itinerary for a few hours to see the top-area around the Salzburger Dom cathedral (see also the palace ensemble around the cathedral, the Mozartplatz, the Goldgasse and Getreidegasse with Mozart′s birthplace, the Kollegienkirche, the Festival Halls, the Franziskanerkirche and the monastery of St. Peter). You can also do a tour of Salzburg Castle, the Festung Hohensalzburg. In the evening, enjoy the genuine Salzburg at the Müllner Bräu, with excellent, locally brewed beer.

Itinerary beyond Day 1 in Salzburg

On day two, concentrate on the sights on the other side of the Salzach: Steingasse, Linzergasse, St. Sebastian with the cemetery, Mozart′s living place (now a museum), Mirabell Palace and Mirabell gardens and the look-out at the Kapuzinerberg. In the afternoon, go to the Salzburg Museum for some history or do to the Museum of Modern Art if you fancy contemporary fine arts. There are other museums that might appeal to you. In the evening, think about going to a concert or chilling in one of Salzburg′s traditional cafes.

On day three, you could extend your Salzburg-itinerary to the outskirts of the city: The beautiful Basilica Maria Plain offers great vistas and more Baroque architecture; alternatively, you could take a city bus or walk (about 5 kilometres) to the leisure palace of Schloss Hellbrunn. There you can visit the trick fountains (a Baroque theme park), the palace itself and its extensive parks. A third option would be more central: Some hiking over the local hills of Mönchsberg or Kapuzinerberg. Many tourists also like to take the cable car at Mount Untersberg, the first properly Alpine mountain on the doorstep of Salzburg.

The salt mines in Hallein should also be considered, but that would take at least half a day. Similar things can be said about the Salzkammergut lake area. If you are planning an itinerary for more than three days, we suggest you extend your stay beyond the city in any case. For such a vacation, have a look at our suggestions for a Salzburg itinerary for more than three days.


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