Education in Salzburg

The NAWI or Science Faculty is Austria's biggest university building. was started by students of the city's university. Therefore, and because many of our readers have e-mailed us questions regarding educational issues in Salzburg, we have put together a few articles on a variety of educational institutions in Salzburg.

There are several universities in Salzburg (note mainly the main Universität Salzburg, the Mozarteum Art conservatory, the Private Medical University, the University of Applied Sciences and the private university in Seekirchen am Wallersee) and many other insitutions that offer tertiary education. This section is still a bit of a construction site, but we will extend it as soon as time permits. We hope that you will find this useful!

Articles on Education in Salzburg

The Paris Lodron University

Mozarteum Art University

Private Medical University

Salzburg Polytechnic University

Salzburg Seminar / Salzburg Global Seminar

Information on Salzburg in English, includes education
Salzburg University
Mozarteum Art University Salzburg
University of Applied Science Salzburg
Privatuni Schloss Seeburg

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