Fachhochschule Salzburg:
Salzburg Polytechnic University

Beyond the traditional Paris Lodron University and the Mozarteum music academy, Salzburg has a wealth of more recent educational institutions that bloom and flourish, attracting young people to counterbalance the tourist′s crowds. Among these institutions, the Fachhochschule is one of the most successful.

wikipedia, GFDLThe "FH" started in 1995 with two courses in different places: "Telecommunication" in Salzburg-Itzling and "wood technologies" in Kuchl outside of Salzburg.

Since then, almost every year has added a course to the growing portfolio of subjects in the Polytechnic University: "Multimedia art" in 1996, "Information economy and management" in 1998.

The youngest "Uni Salzburg"

In the same year, the Fachhochschule moved to a new campus in Itzling, called Techno-Z. In 1999, the property of the Polytechnic University was transferred to the trade union "Wirtschaftskammer Salzburg".

In 2001, the courses "digital TV" and "tourism management" were launched, "design and product management" one year later. In October 2003, the construction of a new campus in Urstein near Salzburg starts, a new building in Kuchl is opened.

In 2005, the Fachhochschule Salzburg moved most of its capacities to the new campus building in Puch bei Hallein and is still a growing success. Graduates are much desired employees and close relationships with Salzburg′s industry aim to emphasise the practical approach of a Polytechnic University.


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