Salzburg Photos: Steingasse Lane in Winter

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The medieval Steingasse lane in winter

The Steingasse is one of our favourite alleys and lanes in Salzburg. Sadly (or fortunately?), it is often neglected by international visitors of the city. For centuries, the Steingasse was a major traffic link of Salzburg; today, it is a sleepy lane with Medieval and Baroque buildings. During the advent season, there are several good reasons to stop by at the Steingasse: Firstly, because there is a famous Krippe (Nativity Scene) on display in one of the shops; secondly, because a wine merchant offers great mulled wine; and thirdly, because Joseph Mohr was born in the Steingasse - Mohr later wrote the lyrics of the famous Christmas carol "Silent Night", which was first performed in the nearby town of Oberndorf.

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