Salzburg Photos: Lebkuchen (Gingerbread) at the Christmas Market

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Lebkuchen (gingerbread) that is sold at Salzburg's Christmas Market

Lebkuchen is often translated as gingerbread. We are not really happy with this translation, since gingerbread implies that it contains ginger - which most Lebkuchen doesn't. Lebkuchen contains all sorts of spices, most importantly cinnnamon, cardamom and cloves as well as flour, honey and other ingedients. They are often decorated or enhanced with chocolate, sugar icing, dried fruits or nuts. In this picture, you will notice that there are plenty of other cookies that are not Lebkuchen. Weihnachtsgebäck or Kekse (Christmas cookies) comprise of a very large number of different kinds of cookies and pastries. Most families in Austria bake various sorts before Christmas; purists among the Christmas cookie makers keep them the traditional way until the 24th of December; after the midnight mass, lent ends and the cookie season is opened. More commonly, people nowadays eat Christmas cookies throughout the advent season.

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