"The Sound of Music" Songlist:
Sing-along on your "Sound-of-Music-Tour"

A cow enacting The Sound of Music in the city centre of Salzburg.

Neither Mozart, nor the architecture of the Baroque gem Salzburg attracts the largest share of visitors - 70 percent of all tourists who make it to the city come because of "The Sound of Music". Don′t be surprised how much the tourism mafia sells tacky "TSoM" merchandising, despite of the musical being virtually unknown in Austria itself.

A very significant attraction that is concerned with the film and musical are variations of the so-called "Sound of Music Tour". There are several tourism companies that offer these guided excursions, but you can reach most Sound of Music locations easily by walking or public transport. For details, see our guide to your "Personal Sound of Music Tour".

One thing you will definitely need, though, is to sing yourself - the busses come with the records, if you do the tour yourself, the responsibility for the sing-along is with you. To assist you in putting together your trip, you find the complete "Sound of Music Songlist" below.

"The Sound of Music" - Song List

Musical (Stage Show)

Act I:
Praeludium - The Nuns
The Sound of Music - Maria
Maria - The Nuns
Do-Re-Mi - Maria and the Children
Sixteen Going On Seventeen - Rolf and Liesl
My Favorite Things - Maria and the Children
The Lonely Goatherd - Maria and the Children
How Can Love Survive - Max and Elsa
The Sound of Music (Reprise) - Maria, the Captain and the Children
So Long, Farewell - The Children
Climb Ev′ry Mountain - Mother Abbess

Act II
No Way to Stop It - Max, the Captain and Elsa
An Ordinary Couple - Maria and the Captain†
Processional - The Nuns
Sixteen Going On Seventeen (Reprise) - Maria and Liesl
Do-Re-Mi (Reprise) - Maria, the Captain and the Children‡
Edelweiss - The Captain, Maria and the Children
So Long, Farewell (Reprise) - Maria, the Captain and the Children
Finale - The Nuns


"Prelude and The Sound of Music"
"Overture" (Main Titles, consisting of "The Sound of Music", "Do-Re-Mi", "My Favorite Things", "Something Good" and "Climb Ev′ry Mountain") seguéin= into the Preludium
"Preludium: Dixit Dominus", "Morning Hymn" (Rex admirabilis and Alleluia, based on traditional songs)
"I Have Confidence" (lyrics and music by Rodgers)
"Sixteen Going On Seventeen"
"My Favorite Things"
"Salzburg Montage" (instrumental underscore based on "My Favorite Things"
"The Sound of Music" (reprise)
"The Lonely Goatherd"
"The Grand Waltz" (instrumental underscore, based on "My Favorite Things")
"Ländler" (instrumental based on "The Lonely Goatherd")
"So Long, Farewell"
"Processional Waltz" (instrumental underscore)
"Goodbye Maria/How Can Love Survive Waltz" (instrumental underscore, incorporating "Edelweiss" and the deleted song "How Can Love Survive?")
"Edelweiss Waltz" (instrumental, Act 1 Finale, based on "Edelweiss")
"Entr′acte" (instrumental, consisting of "I Have Confidence", "So Long, Farewell", "Do-Re-Mi", "Something Good" and "The Sound of Music")
"Climb Ev′ry Mountain"
"My Favorite Things" (reprise)
"Something Good" (lyrics and music by Rodgers)
"Processional" (instrumental) and "Maria"
"Sixteen Going On Seventeen" (reprise)
"Do-Re-Mi" (Salzburg Folk Festival reprise)
"Edelweiss" (Salzburg Folk Festival reprise)
"So Long, Farewell" (Salzburg Folk Festival reprise)
"Climb Ev′ry Mountain" (reprise)
"End Titles"

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