Obertrumer See (Lake Obertrum)

The Obertrumer See or Lake Obertrum is one of the three Trumer Seen lakes in the very north of Salzburg State. It is about 5 kilometres long, 1.3 kilometres wide and 35 metres deep, which makes it the biggest lake of the ensemble. It is linked to the other two lakes, the Mattsee and the Grabensee. Between Lake Obertrum and Lake Mattsee, there is a small boat line cruising. Since the base of these lakes is muddy, the water appears to be dirty; this is an incorrect impression. In fact, the water quality is quite high and certainly suitable for swimming.

Swimming and other water sports are popular. Windsurfing and sailing are wide-spread. There are public lidos. However, the Obertrumer See is by no means touristy: It is mostly the locals from the densely populated Flachgau region who come here during the summer. There are three municipalities that have shares in the lake: Obertrum, Mattsee and Seeham.

Seeham is probably the only municipality in the northern Flachgau region (the so-called Salzburg Lake District or Salzburger Seenland) that has a significant tourism scene. There are several hotels and plenty of private B&B type places. Seeham (like the other villages at the lake) has reasonably good bus links to Salzburg city. There are hiking routes around the Obertrumer See. A traditional route of pilgrimage was recently re-vived as "Via Nova"; it starts in Metten in Bavaria and ends in St. Wolfgang in the Salzkammergut; the Via Nova passes Seeham.

If you want to spend a vacation at the Obertrumer See, we suggest you review your interests. It is a good lake for old-school, off-the-beaten-track holidays. Swimming and other water sports can be nice if the weather is right, but for sightseeing and other activities you might rely on your own mean of transport. The area is not all that rural, but most villages are classic commuter′s towns that offer relatively little to the international visitor. With a car, you can easily get to many attractive day-trip destinations, which makes the Obertrumer See a good base for holidays.


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