Lake Fuschl: Swimming in Drinking Water

Lake Fuschl is a crystal-clear lake in the surroundings of Salzburg and situated on the outskirts of the Salzkammergut. It is within very easy reach from the city of Salzburg and at the heart of an extremely picturesque array of mountains. For this reason, Lake Fuschl is popular among international visitors - especially from Germany - and the village of Fuschl is boasting with hotels and B&Bs. In addition, Lake Fuschl is popular with holiday home owners, generally of the rich kind, who like here for a few weeks during the Salzburg Festival.

Speaking of the Salzburg Festival: Its importance for the region is not a new feature. In fact, Lake Fuschl saw many celebrity guests ever since the start of the festival in the early 1920ies. Note for example the famous photographs of opera singer Maria Callas snorkling along the shores of the lake. After WWII, Lake Fuschl and the neighbouring lakes of the Salzkammergut managed to become almost the sole focus of the visitors′ attention, thereby diverging tourism from the Salzburger Seenland lake area.

Lake Fuschl is famous for its high water quality. In fact, the water is so pure that it serves as a drinking water reservoir for the province. Swimming and various water sports are allowed nonetheless; only motor sports such as motor yachting is prohibited for reasons of freshwater protection. Lake Fuschl appears in a turquoise-blue colour due to the limestone at its base and in its surroundings. This adds to the appeal to the lake and allows a healthy fish population to grow here. Locally caught fish, especially trout, can be eaten in various restaurants in Fuschl, Hof and other nearby villages.

You can walk around Lake Fuschl in about two hours, a very rewarding route especially in autumn when the leaves change colour. This hike will get you to the remote little bays, which are popular among nudists - despite of not being an officially designated nudist beach. The hike will also pass Schloss Fuschl, a former hunting chateaux of the Prince Archbishops of Salzburg. It is now a luxury hotel. In total, Lake Fuschl is 4.1 kilometres long and 900 metres wide. At its deepest spot, it is an impressive 66 metres deep. The wider area is a Landschaftsschutzgebiet, a nature reserve. The lake itself belongs to the Austrian Bundesforste, the national forestry company.


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