Salzburg Photos: Coat of arms at Residenz Palace

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The coat of arms at the Residenz Palace

The Residenz Palace was the main palace of the Prince Archbishops of Salzburg. From outside, it doesn't look awfully impressive. Nor does it inside - the Bavarian troops that looted Salzburg in the course of the Napoleonic Wars did a particularly good job in this building. Only the enormous coat of arms hints at the importance of the Residenz. Today, the splendid apartments of the Residenz - they are still impressive even though the original furniture is gone - are partly used as a museum, partly as a gallery (see also our article on the Residenzgalerie). The appearance of the building is thoroughly Baroque, even though it dates back to the Middle Ages and is possibly even older. After all, the Roman city of Iuvavum had its centre at the area of today's cathedral.

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