Salzburg Card: Discount Card for Tourists

Like in many towns, several major tourist attractions of Salzburg have formed an association that issues a discount card: The so-called Salzburg Card. Tourists can buy this discount card to get free entrance or significant discounts at a wide range of sights and attractions. In addition, the Salzburg Card allows holders to use all public means of transport in Salzburg for free.

Sightseeing attractions that can be accessed for free include the big ones, such as the cable cars to the castle and Mount Untersberg; entrance in most museums; cruises on the Salzach Schiff (river cruises in the city) and discounts in most theatres, concerts and day-trip destinations in the surroundings of Salzburg.

Visitors can buy the Salzburg Card at the airport, at almost all hotel receptions, at tourist information centres and ticket offices. Together with the Salzburg Card you get a brochure that will include a list of all attractions that are covered by the card. Note that every included sight can be visited only once.

How useful is the Salzburg Card really?

Now some honest piece of advice: The Salzburg Card is pretty expensive (see below), so it really depends on your sightseeing habits if it is a well-worth investment. If you are in Salzburg only for a day or so, you would probably go for the 24-hour Salzburg Card, which is the most expensive one. In this case, you will probably go to the castle, maybe one or two museums (such as Hellbrunn and the Salzburg Museum or the Residenz) and otherwise, stroll around and enjoy the general beauty of the city.

In this case, you will be better off without the Salzburg Card by paying your entrance fees individually. Unless you hop on and off city busses, you won′t even need a day ticket for the public means of transport - single rides (under 2 Euros for one) will be cheaper. However, if you are staying for several days and want to do various museums and some touristy things such as the cruises, palaces and other attractions covered by the Salzburg Cards - and you need public transport, for example, because your hotel is not perfectly central - you might find the Salzburg Card a good deal.

The Salzburg Card is offered for 24, 48 and 72 hours. If you are in Salzburg for more than three days, we suggest you take the 48-hour version and spend the time from mid-day 1 to mid-day 3 with intense sightseeing. Fill the remaining time with "free" attractions, such as churches, monasteries and hikes on the hills of Salzburg.

Prices of the Salzburg Card

Prices for 01.01.-30.04. and 01.11.-31.12.
Adults/Children (6-15 years old)
24 hours: 22,00 / 11,00
48 hours: 30,00 / 15,00
72 hours: 35,00 / 17,50

Prices for 01.05.-31.10.
Adults/Children (6-15 years old)
24 hours: 24,00 / 12,00
48 hours: 32,00 / 16,00
72 hours: 37,00 / 18,50

Salzburg Tourist Information Centre on the Salzburg Card

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