Lake Hintersee

Lake Hintersee is a lake in the north-east of Salzburg province, in an area often regarded to be already part of the Salzkammergut. However, on contrast to the "proper" Salzkammergut lakes, Lake Hintersee is neither very touristy nor particularly well-known. It is, by all means, a lake of regional significance - which makes it rather attractive for the locals. It is one of the smallest proper lakes of the region: 1.5 kilometres long and approximately 700 metres wide.

The water quality of Lake Hintersee is very high, which is typical for lakes in this area. It lies within the territory of Faistenau, a small community known for the tiny skiing area of Gaissau-Hintersee. The surroundings of lake and community are mountainous and part of the Osterhorngruppe, a mountain range. Water sports and various other sporty activities are popular in the lake and at its shores. Fishing is regulated, but legal. There are not motor boats allowed on Lake Hintersee. This is due to water protection laws; other water sports such as swimming, windsurfing and boating are fine.

The city of Salzburg is not as accessible from the Hintersee as it is from other lakes of the Salzkammergut, thus, the hotel and accommodation scene in the area is not very well developed.

This might be an advantage for those who prefer holidays off the beaten track, though. Lake Hintersee is a friendly area and makes a good base for exploring other lakes of the Salzkammergut. Note the toboggan run / luge nearby. In the winter, Hintersee′s claim to fame is the local practice of feeding deer - there is even a stand for people to sit like in a stadium and to watch dozens of deer to come and feed on hay and other fodder. Skating and curling are also popular at the Hintersee during winter.


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