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Salzburg Airport is the second-busiest of the country - plenty of flights into Salzburg

Salzburg Airport is the second-biggest airport of Austria, after Vienna′s airport at Schwechat. It was given the highly original name "Mozart Airport Salzburg" and is a major link of the city with the rest of the world. Salzburg Airport was opened in 1926. Since then, it has grown to a medium-size international airport that receives a high number of scheduled flights throughout the year, as well as many charter flights during the main seasons (summer for sightseeing, winter for skiing).

Getting from the city centre to the airport (or from the airport to the city centre) is easy: Apart from a taxi, you can also take a city bus. Just take a city bus - for example, from the main station or Hauptbahnhof. If you arrive in Salzburg at the airport, leave the departure hall: Right outside of it, you will see a taxi stand. If you prefer to get to the city by a (cheaper) public means of transport, walk by the taxis and the parking lot until you get to the street - this is where you will find a bus stop.

Get a ticket from the ATM-like machine; they are more expensive if you buy them on the bus. A much more lush way of getting to the city centre is offered by various limousine transfer companies that operate in Salzburg especially during the summer months.

Due to the very high number of charter flights during the skiing season, Salzburg Airport was extended in 2003 with a second terminal which is now is use during the peak of the skiing season. In terms of scheduled flights, Salzburg is linked with London Standsted through the low-cost airline Ryanair. This is particularly useful, since Stansted is the most important hub for the Irish airline and in terms of flights, the centre of Europe. Taken all flights of all airlines together, almost two million passengers pass through Salzburg Airport every year.

Number of Flights: Private Aircrafts & Charter Fights

In terms of flights, the airport reports approximately 21,000 flights a year. Now, even though charter flights increase enormously during the skiing season and scheduled flights are responsible for the biggest share of all flights, these two do not explain such a high number.

The remaining flights are those by private individuals who come to Salzburg with their personally owned or individually chartered airplanes. This ranges from an every-day Cessna to the Boing 747-300 that the royal family of Saudi Arabia uses to fly to Salzburg for their holidays (they own a house in Mondsee, not far from Salzburg).

Flights by private individuals climax during the summer, when the Salzburg Festival draws lots of rich people into the city. Many of them use their own aeroplane to fly to Salzburg - a fashion stimulated by Dietrich Mateschitz and his airplane collection stored at the Hangar-7, a private glass hangar that you will see to the opposite of Salzburg airport.

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