Car Rental in Salzburg:
Hire a Car & Explore Salzburg′s Surroundings

There are several car rental firms in Salzburg.

If you spend a few days in Salzburg, you might want to explore the surroundings of the city, too. Salzburg alone can keep you entertained, but since it is located just outside of the Salzkammergut, you would miss out on Austria′s most beautiful piece of landscape for no good reason. Getting around in Austria by public means of transport is easy and affordable. However, if you want to save time, we would recommend you to go to the Salzkammergut or other rural areas around Salzburg by car. Looking for a car rental company in Salzburg, you will come across various offers.

Car Rental Deals: Different Option to Hire a Car in Salzburg

Car Rental Chains: First of all, many of the international chains have offices in Salzburg. Just like elsewhere in the world, they are generally located around the station or at Salzburg Airport, often at both facilities. You can book online or by calling the company. Alternatively, you can also see the various stands of car rental companies at the airport′s departure hall. By "major car rental chains" we mean Hertz, Auto Europe or Avis. The rates are in the range of these chains and normal for a European country - expect to pay anything from 30 Euros a day.

Car and Chauffeur Rentals: The second kind of deals you will encounter when indicating interest in hiring a car in Salzburg concern deals that include drivers. You would be surprised to see how many companies there are around that offer such expensive services. This is due to the Salzburg Festival and the high demand for luxury cars and limousines that come with professional drivers. This applies particularly during the summer months and often includes airport transfer services.

Renting a Car in packages: The third option is quite the opposite of the previous - an avenue into saving money. If you fly to Salzburg, you should enquire with your airline whether it offers package deals that allow you to combine your airline ticket with a car rental deal. If not, you can check with your hotel if they have a collaboration with a car rental chain. Such packages are often significantly cheaper than booking each of these goods separately. This applies in particular to collaborations between major chains of airlines/hotels/car rental companies.

Requirements for Car Rental in Austria

Requirements for Renting a Car in Salzburg: Generally, you have to hold a valid drivers licence for at least one year to rent a car in Austria. In addition, it is fairly common practice for car rental companies to require customers to be at least 21 or even 25 years old.


List of Car Rental Companies at Salzburg Airport

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