Liefering Parish Church: Sightseeing near Salzburg

The Baroque church of Liefering is a landmark in the north of Salzburg.

If you drive on the motorway around Salzburg and leave on the exit "Salzburg Mitte", you will get to the community of Liefering with a Baroque church tower that you can spot from quite a distance. This is the west tower with an octagonal extension and an unusual rooftop of the Liefering Parish Church.

This church stands on a hill (which is used as a cemetery now) and is dedicated to the patron saints of the fishermen, Peter and Paul. At the time of St. Rupert, in the 8th century, there was already a church on this site. However, it is unclear when the current Gothic building or its even older, Romanesque core were built.

An extension of the ante chapel was built in 1691, when the tower was extended, too. The interiors have fan vaulted ceilings. In the left wall you can see Romanesque windows with wall frescos from the 13th century. The eight "Tafelbild" paintings by the "Master of Liefering" were made in 1465 and were initially part of the late-Gothic main altar.

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