Hotels in Taxenbach

The following list of hotels in Taxenbach is not meant to be complete. It is rather an open collection of hotels and private accommodation that should help you to get an idea of where you could stay. If you think about booking a place, note also our main page on hotels from Salzburg. It comes with pictures and detailed information about the individual houses. For this list, we are happy to accept suggestions if you know of a place that is not included but should be mentioned.

Privatzimmer Fritzenwallner
Högmoos 34
5660 Taxenbach
Telefon: 00436641747854

Großsonnberg 1
5662 Taxenbach
Telefon: 004365438157
Fax: 004365438157

Gasthaus Kirchenwirt
Hundsdorf 53
5660 Taxenbach
Telefon: 0043 6416 7512
Fax: 0043 6416 7512

Gasthof Taxenbacherhof
Raiffeisenstrasse 6
5660 Taxenbach
Telefon: 0043 6543 5215
Fax: 0043 6543 5215 4

Gasthof zur Post
Marktstrasse 34
5660 Taxenbach
Telefon: 0043 6543 5304
Fax: 0043 6543 5304

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