Überfuhrsteg Bridge

The Überfuhrsteg is a bridge in the southern part of Salzburg that is open to pedestrians and cyclists only. It is a funny little bridge that links two not very interesting, purely residential neighbourhoods: The Josefiau on the left side of the Salzach and Aigen on the right side.

The most noteworthy thing about the Überfuhrsteg is that there are several dormitories that are popular with students of Salzburg University and other educational institutions. Therefore, the Überfuhrsteg acts as a very large balcony for students and other young people during the warm period.

The Überfuhrsteg was built in 1980. The surrounding neighbourhoods developed only after WWII (particularly the Josefiau was essentially a forest until will into the 1950ies). Historically, there was a ferry service here, approximately at the Gasthof Überfuhr (once an inn with a cinema) on the Aigen side of the river.

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