Traklsteg Bridge

The Traklsteg is a small and generally ignored pedestrian bridge in Salzburg. It links the two sides of the River Salzach in the northern parts of the city and near the Glan, a local creek. The two neighbourhoods on the two sides of the river are called Josef-Mayburger-Kai (which is part of the district Lehen) and Makartkai (which is part of the district Itzling).

The Traklsteg was opened in 1991. It was named after Georg Trakl, a poet that was born and raised in Salzburg (at the Waagplatz, to be precise). He was trained as a pharmacist, but published expressionist poetry from a young age on. He suffered from depressions and drug addiction and probably committed suicide during World War I. In that sense, the Traklsteg might be a more appropriate spot to jump into the Salzach than the more "popular" suicide site Mönchsberg.

Note that the German word "Steg" is used for pedestrian bridges only. Cycling is permitted on all of Salzburg′s "Steg" bridges but the Mozartsteg - where in theory, cyclists should dismount (in practice, most of them don′t give a shit and risk getting shouted at). The other pedestrian bridges are the Müllnersteg, the mentioned Mozartsteg, Pioniersteg and the Überfuhrsteg. The Traklsteg is in a residential area that has few or no attractions to offer for international visitors.

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