Pfarrkirche Taxham

The Pfarrkirche Taxham is a parish church in the Salzburg district of the same name. It is a Catholic church that was built to meet the population growth after World War II. Many ethnic Germans were expelled from their homes in Eastern Europe following the war and moved to Germany and Austria. In Salzburg, shelters were built in which thousands of refugees lived under very basic circumstances.

Many of them were Protestants, which was rather new in the Catholic city in which Protestants had been banned between 1732 and the Napoleonic Wars. A basic, provisory church was built in Taxham in 1961. In 1964, a Catholic community centre opened and three years later, Taxham became an own parish. Under Archbishop Andreas Rohracher, the construction of a proper church was started.

The architect in charge was Franz Wagner, the main building was inspired by a tent; the tower is not attached to it and stands freely in the style of a campanile. It is a typical 1960ies church and one of several examples of sacral buildings from that period in Salzburg. The Madonna of Altenmarkt, which can be found in the central room of the Pfarrkirche Taxham, was a gift by Archbishop Rohracher. There is a community and parish centre associated with the church, which is used for various religious and charitable events.

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