Saalachspitz: River crossing in Salzburg

The Saalachspitz is the place where the river Saalach enters the River Salzach. It can be found in the north-west of Salzburg in the district if Liefering. The term Salzachspitz refers to the wider area, which is a nice patch of green and a popular recreational area for the locals from Liefering and Lehen. The Saalachspitz can be found at an altitude of 408 metres; on the opposite side of the river Salzach, there is the hamlet of Muntigl. Muntigl is pretty unspectacular corner of the world and belongs to the municipality of Bergheim - it was once meant to become the pier for scheduled cruise boats on the Salzach. Please read our article on Salzach River cruising and boating for further details.

The area can be "read". On The Salzburg side, the name "Überfuhr" for the area refers to a ferry that must have existed here a long time ago. On the left shore of the river, you can see the Bavarian city of Freilassing. Here the name "Wassermauth" refers to a toll house and the tax that boats had to pay here at the merging point of Saalach and Salzach if they wanted to use the waterway for transporting goods.

The Saalachspitz is surrounded by wetlands and forests. The landscape here is protected, but there are hiking paths and even streets until very near the actual merging point. The paths are popular among people who come here to walk their dogs, among joggers and people who come here for swimming in summer.

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