Müllner Steg Bridge

The Müllner Steg is a pedestrian and cyclist bridge in the northern part of Salzburg′s Altstadt (Old Town). It bridges the Salzach River at the district Mülln on one side and the Neustadt quarter and Mirabell Park on the other. We warmly recommend you to cross the Müllner Steg, not so much because of the bridge itself, but because you get a very nice view on the central parts of the Old Town from there, with the Festung Hohensalzburg (Salzburg Castle) in the background. You won′t be able to take very original pictures from there - the angle must have been used billions of times. However, if it is your first time in Salzburg, it is a great spot to check out.

The Müllner Steg was first built in 1669 as a small, wooden bridge. The stone steps that still link the Müllner Steg (at least approximately) with the more elevated part of Mülln were built at the same time. This wooden bridge was fixed and developed several times, but thoroughly replaced by a bridge with stone pillars in 1878. This pedestrian bridge was named after Erzherzog Franz Carl (the father of Emperor Franz Joseph I) and funded by donations collected by an association.

Just as the Makartsteg and the Mozartsteg, the Müllner Steg too had a little toll house, where trespassers were charged a small amount of money. This toll was collected until 1898. The 19th century bridge was damaged rather severely in the course of World War II. It was fixed and modernised after the end of the war. However, in 2000, the bridge was extensively renovated and brought into the current, more contemporary shape. Note that in the late 19th century, there were plans to develop the Müllner Steg into one of Salzburg′s most important road traffic bridges; instead, the Lehener Brücke was built downstream of the Müllner Steg.

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