Look-Outs on Salzburg

If you have had a look at our photo gallery or any collection of photographs of Salzburg, you will have come across pictures of the great vistas on the city. One of the most characteristic things about Salzburg is the high number of hills directly in the city centre, allowing visitors to enjoy fantastic views. In this article, we try to give an over-view on the most important look-outs in Salzburg. Note also our article on the Stadtberge, the city hills of Salzburg.

1.) Museum der Moderne: The best thing about this spot is that you get there even with a wheelchair - there is a lift from the level of the city at Anton-Neumayr-Platz, the Mönchsbergaufzug. At the Museum der Moderne, there is a nice terrace and restaurant, ideal for a view on the city.

2.) Humboldt-Plattform: A look-out built more or less directly into the cliffs of the Mönchsberg; probably the most famous of the city. There is a plate that quotes the naturalist and geographer Alexander von Humboldt, who once lived near Kajetanerplatz. Supposedly, he said that alongside with Naples and Constantinople, Salzburg was the world′s most beautiful city. Historians believe that the quote is a 19th century fabrication.

3.) Maria Plain: The basilica is a church of pilgrimage and an "insider tip". Most tourists don′t go there, even though it is easy to get there by public city busses in combination with a bit of a walk.

4.) Richterhöhe: Nice view on the southern parts of the city; the Richterhöhe is also situated on the Mönchsberg Hill and provides an unusual perspective on the Festung Hohensalzburg.

5.) Kapuzinerkloster: The Capuchin Monastery was built on the site of a former castle, the Trompeterschlössl. The views from there are fantastic, but the monastery also makes a good starting point for exploring other look-outs on the Kapuzinerberg hill. Such as the…

6.) Bayerische Aussicht: Built in the cliffs of the Kapuzinerberg, on the eastern walls of the mountain. The Bayerische Aussicht would grant a spectacular view - alas, the northern parts of Salzburg are not the most attractive. Thus, we recommend the Bayerische Aussicht as a stop-over attraction for hiking on the Kapuzinerberg in general (for example, if you are on your way to the Franziskischlössl), not as a specific reason to go there.

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