The Heffterhof is a building that is used as an educational facility for agricultural practices. It can be found in the Salzburg city district of Parsch. The land of the Heffterhof has been used for agriculture for a long time, records can be tracked back until 1604. A Meierhof (administrative building) was built for the monastery of St. Peter in later years. The property was sold to the mayor of Salzburg, Ignaz von Heffter, in 1774.

His son Anton von Hefftner, also a mayor of Salzburg, sold it in 1818 to a man called Jakob Moser. In 1902, it was sold to the local businessman Ludwig Schmederer, who was also the owner of other well-known properties in the area (such as the Apothekerhof or the Villa Schmederer). Only after World War II, the Heffterhof was made an educational facility. In 1951, money of the Marshall Plan (ERP) was used for acquiring the Heffterhof alongside with some 10.000 square metres of land. A new building was erected (which is now used as a hotel). In 1975, the property was extended and modernised.

The most recent modernisation of the Heffterhof happened in 2002; since then, there are several agricultural and rural development policy bodies in the Heffterhof as well as administrative space for agricultural lobbies and the mentioned hotel.

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