Auferstehungskirche in Salzburg-Gneis

The Auferstehungskirche is a Lutheran church in the Salzburg district of Gneis. It is a modern building and among the youngest churches in Salzburg. It was built in 1999, the architect in charge was Günther Marschall. The district of Gneis has a relatively high Protestant population, partly due to the ethnic Germans that were expelled from Eastern Europe after World War II. Many of them were Protestants, they vitalised the generally underdeveloped Lutheran communities of the predominantly Catholic Salzburg.

The opening of the Auferstehungskirche was linked with the opening of a Protestant dormitory, the so-called Studentenheim Katharina von Bora. The church was to become the centre of a new parish, the Pfarrsprengel Salzburg-Süd. The architecture of the Auferstehungskirche is modern, but not particularly exciting.

Note that the dominant material that was used for the tower is glass; there are several references to the number 7. The architecture is light and friendly, stained glass directs the light in a manner that a cross and a tree of life are emphasised that are to be found inside the Auferstehungskirche. The church is not too much of an attraction, but might be appealing to you if you enjoy modern architecture or if you happen to be in the area and you wonder about the building.

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