Salzburg Photos: Altes Rathaus (City Hall) & Altstadt

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Altes Rathaus (city hall) with Medieval buildings around it

The tower of the Altes Rathaus or Old City Hall is decorated with the flag and coat of arms of the city of Salzburg. However, the current municipial government is actually housed in the Mirabell Palace. The old City Hall is still used by the city's administration. Compared to other cities with a longstanding history and centuries of wealth, the city hall of Salzburg is very humble. This is because of the strict and absolutist reign the Prince Archbishops of Salzburg had over their posessions ever since they re-consolidated their power in the late 16th century. The burghers of Salzburg were somewhat insignificant, their representatives had little more than ceremonial roles. Today, the Altes Rathaus is a tourist attraction. Its tower contains one of the oldest clockworks in Central Europe, and the Getreidegasse, which originates at its base, is one of Salzburg's most important tourist attractions.

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