Salzburg Photos: Stift Nonnberg Abbey in Winter

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Stift Nonnberg Abbey as seen in winter with the Alps in the background

Stift Nonnberg, sometimes referred to as "Nonnberg Abbey" is actually a nunnery. Not just any nunnery, but the oldest north of the Alps. It featured in the musical "The Sound of Music" (even though Fräulein Maria was never actually a novice, not to mention nun, in this or any facility). Stift Nonnberg is not open to the general public, only the church and the cemetary can be seen. The monastery itself is best seen from the Kapuzinerberg (from where this picture was taken). Note the snow-white Alps in the background and the yellow Kajetanerkirche church in front of the monastery. Taken on a spectecular winter day in December.

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